Floral Birthday Suit

February, more like FebEATuary, for me is the Holiday’s part II (minus the turkey). Not only is Valentine’s in February but so is my birthday. So it’s lots of eating out, sweets, and celebrating🍾. My friends will tell you sweets are my weakness (along with shopping, obvi)…apparently eating a dozen macarons in one sitting is not normal. True story.

Dress: Zimmermann

The last few years I’ve been saying I’m not going to do anything much for my birthday… BUT THEN I purchase a dress or outfit that changes my mind! And I immediately need any excuse to wear it! This Zimmermann dress did just that when I found it at Maison Jolie, a local Houston upscale boutique.

If you reside in Houston, definitely make a stop at Maison Jolie next time you’re out shopping. They carry amazing designers like Zimmermann, David Koma, Retrofête and many more. If you’re looking for unique pieces that you don’t see on every girl in Houston, they got you covered! They also have a great collection of resort swimwear for that next beach vacay. And no I’m not paid for the recommendation. It’s that great.

As I mentioned in my first post, Zimmermann is one of my absolute favorite brands. They have mastered the art of floral prints. When I saw this dress on their runway show video, it immediately grabbed my full attention and I had my eye on it ever since. You may have noticed by now, but I love floral prints.

Besides the beautiful silk printed peonies, the extra details of this dress are a match made in heaven. The lace up panels not only flatter the figure, but give the dress a bit more edge to an idyllic floral print. Delicately outlined ruffles at the hem and along the sleeves bring that romantic Zimmermann signature flair.

Adding a high waisted belt is always a great way to cinch the waist and give shape to a look.

Boots: Julia Mays (from a couple years ago, but a few sizes left)
Bag: Louis Vuitton

Since it is still winter and thankfully it was cool enough in Houston that night, I grabbed one of my favorite knee high black suede boots. The metallic block heel keeps the look in line with the edginess of the dress. Also, I’m currently a big fan of the slouchy effect that’s been on trend with boots this season.

Since the dress has a lot of details going on, I kept the jewelry at a minimum. These gold Rosantica statement earrings pull the metal accents in the belt, boot heel, and even down to the little gold metal loops in the lace up panels all together.

Earrings: Rosantica (on sale!)

I absolutely loved my birthday look this year and this dress was an absolute dream. Zimmermann nailed it again. What do you think of florals for a birthday look?

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