One skirt, Two Looks with Zimmermann

It’s officially spring and it’s my favorite time of year! Spring is definitely my favorite season. The weather is perfect (we don’t get to say that much in Houston), the flowers begin to paint the landscape, and it’s time to pull out the spring wardrobe.

We just got done celebration the Persian New Year also known as Nowruz. Nowruz always takes place on the first day of spring, symbolizing new beginnings for the new year. It’s celebrated for 13 days and the last Nowruz holiday is known as Sizdah Bedar where we typically gather outdoors with friends and family. Again, this year’s Nowruz festivities didn’t involve much gathering due to the pandemic but that didn’t stop Persians around the world carry the traditions in their homes. Check out this site to learn a bit more about Nowruz.

Spring fashion is synonymous with floral and bright colors. I love transitioning into the season with colorful sweaters and light pieces. One of my favorite fashion tactics is being able to wear one piece in different ways. This Zimmermann skirt can be styled for brunch with heels or for walking around town with sneakers. I love the detail in the stitching, bringing some structure to the skirt.

It’s pretty clear by now, I’m a huge fan of Zimmermann. This fun and flirty skirt makes it easy to create a brunch look and a feminine sporty look when paired with the right pieces. The mango color is perfect for spring and can easily be transitioned into the summer season since the material is linen.

The print of this See by Chloe blouse reminded me of a whimsical watercolor painting making it an ideal brunch outfit. I love that there are splashes of mango in the colors that match the color of the skirt perfectly. The subtle ruffles in the sleeves go along with the flintiness motif of the skirt while the white base of the blouse pulls out the white stitching detail. As the saying goes, it’s all in the details.

To stay cute and comfortable, I swapped the heels and Dior bag for these Lacoste sneakers and Chanel backpack bag. I’m a fan of girly looks, so to stay fully on theme, I opted for this the Ronny Kobo top that also has some ruffle details. Backpacks have been a go-to for a casual outfit, but leave it Chanel to make the backpack trend fashionable with just the right hint of casual. The bag can be worn casually with sneakers but also with heels for that sporty chic look. I love this Chanel Gabrielle backpack bag so much, that I got it in this color and the all black to cover my bases 😬.

Another reason Spring is my favorite season is because it means Summer’s around the corner. Summer typically means beach vacays, poolside activities, and tan lines. Even though this summer’s travels are still uncertain, it hasn’t impacted my love for Spring. What’s your favorite season?

Winter Wonderland in Park City

If you haven’t heard, it’s snowing in Texas…but not in Houston! Just when we thought we were going to get our winter wonderland, in typical Houston fashion we just get a bunch of rain. I tell you what (that’s a Texas saying and I actually just learned it about 2 years ago lol!), it’s actually really cold right now! 🥶

I typically make a few trips throughout the year, but as we all know things are not the norm during these Covid times. The one and only trip I made in 2020 was to Park City, Utah. They got their first snowfall of the season the day before I landed. So although there’s no snow in Houston right now, I got my winter wonderland experience in Park City.

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Welcome to the Party in Retrofête

Well hello again! I know it’s been a while…again. I did not think my next post would be at the near end of this crazy year. I’ve struggled juggling all the things going on with work being crazy busy and everything else going on in life. I know 2020 wasn’t the ideal year but the highlight for me was when I adopted my dog Max back in July 😊. So a lot of time after work has been Max time ❤️. I will do a post on him soon and share his story. He has completely stolen my heart and I can’t wait to share him with you all.

So since we’re at the end of 2020, it was only appropriate to do a New Years Eve post.

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Welcome to the Wild Side: Animal Print

Hi guys! It’s been a minute hasn’t it…my bad! I think we can all say a lot has happened in 2020. We almost had World War III, innocent lives perished on a commercial flight out of Iran, we lost Kobe Bryant and his sweet daughter, and now we’ve all been locked up because of the Novel Coronavirus😖.

If you know a little bit about my background, I work at a hospital so things got pretty busy. So needless to say, I haven’t been “bored” during this stay at home phase and I’m grateful for that. Hopefully you and your families are safe.

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Floral Birthday Suit

February, more like FebEATuary, for me is the Holiday’s part II (minus the turkey). Not only is Valentine’s in February but so is my birthday. So it’s lots of eating out, sweets, and celebrating🍾. My friends will tell you sweets are my weakness (along with shopping, obvi)…apparently eating a dozen macarons in one sitting is not normal. True story.

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Aloha: Kauai Edition

Aaaloooohaaaa!!! Aloha is more than just hello…it’s the Hawaiian word for love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy, that is commonly used as a simple greeting but has a deeper cultural and spiritual significance to native Hawaiians…thanks Wikipedia 😉 On this little island of Kauai, also known as the “The Garden Island,” you get the sense of the deep meaning of Aloha from its residents.

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