One Chanel Top, 3 Looks: Brunch

We’ve arrived!! Thank you for following me all the way to this third and final segment of this three part series of styling one Chanel top in a myriad of ways. If you missed part one and two, check them out here and here.

Sometimes you need that middle of the road fit…not super casual, not super extra…you know that waaay out of place moment where you drop in on folks hangin having drinks at a low key dive and you’re headed out on the town 😳 you walk into the room and everyone looks at you like ‘Ma’am, do you know where you are right now?!’ Of course that scene has happened to me and a group of friends before hitting up a nightclub (several years ago). It was a complete moment out of a movie where the whole place goes silent except for the screeching of chairs to stare at us. The music stops playing…etc. If you’re wondering if we stayed, yes you bet we did for a couple of drinks, laughed at the situation, talked to some people and then headed out or the night.

Crop top, belt, bag: Chanel
Lace top: Hofmann Copenhagen
Sunnies: Celine

Jeans can be chic without trying when paired with the right things. This sheer, lace blouse provides a nice feminine layer and the slightly distressed jeans give some contrast making the whole ensemble perfect for brunch. Adding the chain belt brings some shape to the whole look. I always love having the opportunity to wear this belt. It has that iconic Chanel leather and metal chain that you see on the bags and the charms are fun with a dash of Parisian opulence 🇫🇷.

Since this look is geared for brunch, I opted for a brighter color scheme in beige which pulls in the colors of the Chanel top. If you’ve been following me for a while, then you already know I love my neutral color palettes.

Bag: Chanel

Can we just take a moment for this Chanel bag?! Even though this is a look I would wear in the day (or a laid back dinner), this bag elevates the whole ensemble. The leather and chain handles and larger quilt pattern epitomizes the House of Chanel classic flair. It’s the ideal evening bag that goes beyond the night.

And sorry not sorry about too many photos below. Nhan did such a great job I couldn’t pick a few so you get a bunch 🙃. He has such a great eye for scouting out awesome locations.

How cool is this last shot below? I just love how Nhan captured the architecture of downtown Houston and sun’s reflection off the building couldn’t have been more perfect. This is probably my favorite shot in this series.

I highly recommend Nhan for your photography needs, you will not be disappointed. You can checkout his website for more info and stop by his Instagram

Hope you enjoyed this three part styling series on how one piece can curate multiple outfits for different occasions. With summer sneaking up upon us, I look forward to sharing a few more spring looks before transitioning to the summer wardrobe.