Summer in Plaid

Plaid was once an iconic staple of prep school uniforms, tying the pattern to those of wealth and privilege. Graduating from private prep school fashion (enter Cher Horowitz and Gossip Girl), plaid has evolved its cultural symbolism into mainstream society through generations of Scottish kilts, outdoorsmen, punk rebellion, and pop culture.

Always making a comeback on the fashion runways such as Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, and more, plaid will always be adorned for it’s fashion duality. Perhaps the most identifiable plaid is the Burberry check seen on celebrities, royalty and country club goers. The multicolor crossed horizontal and vertical lines definitely has that regal aesthetic.

Depending on the fabric, textures and colors, plaid can be worn year round. From muted fall flannels to pastel linen grid lines, plaid is such a practical print.

If you haven’t heard me say this yet, summers in Houston are HOT and HUMID. So the lighter the fabric, the more breathable it will be. The linen fabric and bright colors make this Zimmermann romper the quintessential summer uniform. An ice cold glass of pink lemonade with a picnic spread is all that’s needed to complete this summer day.

The halter top shows off the shoulders while the wide panels provide some coverage for the plunging neckline. The loose fit top and bottom along with the open back is ideal to bear those summer temps.

Necklaces: Van Cleef & Arpels
Bangle: Hermès

Of course the over-sized bow won me over. It’s flirty, girly and plays well with the light pink, yellow, peach, and white gird colors. See why I’m envisioning a glass of lemonade in my hand?

The bucket bag was so loved in the 90s (you bet I had one!) so I got excited when it made it’s come back in 2016. I particularly love the two tone colors of the Mansur Gavriel bags especially since this one came with the light pink interior.

Earrings: Rosantica

I purchased this Zimmermann number last year but I came across it on The OUTNET and wanted to share it because it’s an absolute fav of mine. The OUTNET is a great site to get your hands on designer pieces at discounted prices….why not save some money to buy more clothes 😉.

I know we’re all still dealing with COVID19 and it’s changed a lot of our summer plans but what kind of summer activities have you been engaging in this year? Any of it involve sporting some plaid?

Welcome to the Wild Side: Animal Print

Hi guys! It’s been a minute hasn’t it…my bad! I think we can all say a lot has happened in 2020. We almost had World War III, innocent lives perished on a commercial flight out of Iran, we lost Kobe Bryant and his sweet daughter, and now we’ve all been locked up because of the Novel Coronavirus😖.

If you know a little bit about my background, I work at a hospital so things got pretty busy. So needless to say, I haven’t been “bored” during this stay at home phase and I’m grateful for that. Hopefully you and your families are safe.

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Floral Birthday Suit

February, more like FebEATuary, for me is the Holiday’s part II (minus the turkey). Not only is Valentine’s in February but so is my birthday. So it’s lots of eating out, sweets, and celebrating🍾. My friends will tell you sweets are my weakness (along with shopping, obvi)…apparently eating a dozen macarons in one sitting is not normal. True story.

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Aloha: Kauai Edition

Aaaloooohaaaa!!! Aloha is more than just hello…it’s the Hawaiian word for love, affection, peace, compassion and mercy, that is commonly used as a simple greeting but has a deeper cultural and spiritual significance to native Hawaiians…thanks Wikipedia 😉 On this little island of Kauai, also known as the “The Garden Island,” you get the sense of the deep meaning of Aloha from its residents.

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Florals: Beyond Spring & Summer

Continuing with the theme of fashion that works no matter the season, I love using my floral prints to put together a great fall look. Typically associated with spring and summer, you can do so much with floral in the fall. Those pretty flowers can be effortlessly transitioned into your fall wardrobe…. and an added plus, your bank account will thank you for it. Nothing like investing in pieces that you can use more than one season. Keep reading to see how to make use of some of your favorite floral pieces past spring and summer.

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Breaking Rules: White after Labor Day

There are so many rules in life. Rules telling you how to live, how to act, how to be. Thankfully in the world of fashion, breaking rules is part of the fun. Your wardrobe is your canvas and getting to express however you feel makes your look individually yours. So many style Icons were famous for living to the beat of their own drum, living life as they saw fit and creating a style unique to their own personality.

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Fall Streetwear

My first official fall look of 2019! I talked a little bit about the up and coming designer Kimberly Taylor in my “Little Slip Dress” post. This cropped sweatshirt is another one of her pieces that makes for a great transitional top that can be taken from a casual look to a dressy one. It can be worn as a set with the matching Zuri Legging to keep things comfy but stylish. The fabric of this drawstring sweatshirt (and the leggings which I also own) is soft and thick which are nice and comfortable.

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