Winter Wonderland in Park City

If you haven’t heard, it’s snowing in Texas…but not in Houston! Just when we thought we were going to get our winter wonderland, in typical Houston fashion we just get a bunch of rain. I tell you what (that’s a Texas saying and I actually just learned it about 2 years ago lol!), it’s actually really cold right now! 🥶

I typically make a few trips throughout the year, but as we all know things are not the norm during these Covid times. The one and only trip I made in 2020 was to Park City, Utah. They got their first snowfall of the season the day before I landed. So although there’s no snow in Houston right now, I got my winter wonderland experience in Park City.

Vest, turtleneck, and leggings: Lululemon

I stayed at the St. Regis in Deer Valley which is just a bit above Park City. The gorgeous resort is built into the mountains at an elevation of 6570 feet, so the views from the gondola ride up to the lobby and from the rooms did not disappoint. During the winter season you’re greeted with tall, beautiful Christmas Trees blanketed in snow. It was the ideal winter wonderland welcome.

The St. Regis has many traditions and one of them is the nightly sabering of champagne 🍾 and it takes place every evening at all 52 St. Regis properties across the world. It occurs around 5:30pm so enjoy a drink at the bar while you wait for the sabering of champagne.

Also, side note, if you love a Bloody Mary, then the St. Regis signature Bloody Mary is a must try!

If you go in the beginning of November, which is when I went, it’s usually the beginning of their snowfall. This time of the season typically will not have enough snow for all the snow activities. If you can handle cold temps better than I can, you can do some cool winter hiking, just make sure you go prepared.

If you do decide to go early November, you still get to enjoy the picturesque views as the snow begins to paint the town.

The first night, we had dinner at the St. Regis restaurant RIME. I was unexpectedly really impressed by their filet mignon and we Texans have high standards when it comes to a good steak. I can easily say that their filet mignon was one of the best I’ve had.

What better way to enjoy a winter’s evening than with a glass of red wine by the fireplace…

RIME at the St. Regis Deer Valley

While walking on the main street in Park City, there’s also plenty of shopping this quaint little town has to offer. The colorful buildings in front of the mountains makes for a great backdrop in pictures. So naturally I got my photoshoot on.

If you’re into art, there are several art galleries you can pop into. There’s an array of different genres of art for you to enjoy. So stop by one of the coffee shops, warm up with some hot coffee or hot chocolate and stroll around the town.

As you can see, I really maximized the photo ops 😎

And of course this Houston girl is gonna have some fun in the snow…although I was freezing the entire time!

The next day’s agenda was a short drive down to the lake. The lake was surrounded by snow so I decided to make a snowman…little did I know it’s a lot more difficult than I thought. I was all amped up to make a big ol’ snowman, but as that plan crumbled (literally) I made a mini one.

Another fabulous restaurant for dinner is the Riverhorse on Main. I didn’t take pictures of my food, but trust me everything was nothing short of delicious. The resort offers shuttle service to and from the town so it made it really easy to enjoy staying in Deer Valley and going into Park City.

How pretty is the St. Regis at night?!? The path to the property is lined with these trees, so when they’re lit up at night it’s mesmerizing. It really gets you into the Holiday spirit.

The outdoor patio also has plenty of lit up Christmas trees setting the stage to enjoy some s’mores by the fire.

The Montage resort is another well known property in Deer Valley. They are also known for their amazing views. I didn’t get to see the view during the day but did enjoy a lovely dinner at their restaurant. I loved how their huge circular driveway was rimmed with the Christmas trees and it’s also a sight to see for that inner kid that’s excited for Christmas. I wanted a picture here, but the Montage is at an even higher elevation at 8300 feet. Not only could I not bare taking off my coat, I didn’t last long outside at all. I could definitely feel that temperature drop at the higher elevation.

The best I could do to get a picture with the Montage Christmas trees
Sweater: Enza Costa
Pants: Zara
Belt: Dior
Hat: Maison Michel
Boot: Gianvitto Rossi

I would love to go back to Park City/Deer Valley and enjoy all the snow activities later in the winter or make a summer trip and take in all the nature while hiking. It would be cool to see what this winter wonderland has to offer during the summer. I was told it’s quite beautiful and based on what I saw in November I don’t doubt it one bit.

This was my view while I had breakfast every morning at the St. Regis RIME restaurant…not a bad way to start your day. I love nothing more than enjoying a good latte with a beautiful view. You can even see the ski trails that are part of the resort in the back.

Would you prefer this ski town during the summer or winter? Which seasonal activities are you more into?

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