Floral Birthday Suit

February, more like FebEATuary, for me is the Holidayโ€™s part II (minus the turkey). Not only is Valentineโ€™s in February but so is my birthday. So itโ€™s lots of eating out, sweets, and celebrating๐Ÿพ. My friends will tell you sweets are my weakness (along with shopping, obvi)โ€ฆapparently eating a dozen macarons in one sitting is not normal. True story.

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Pretty in Pink and Floral

It’s officially fall, but if you know anything about Houston, TX that doesn’t mean pull out the sweaters and boots quite yet. Houstonians still get to wear those summer outfits we didn’t get to. Since this is my first post, these photos were taken when the temps were much warmer than they are today (we’re actually supposed to have a “cold front” in a couple of days). As hot as it gets in Houston, it’s always hard for me to let go of summer so it was only logical for my first post to be an ode to summer.

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