LSD: Little Slip Dress

The LBD, Little Black Dress, has a cousin that’s trending these days…the LSD. Not THAT LSD, the Little Slip Dress. The slip dress actually isn’t a new trend, it’s been around for decades. This silky, feminine silhouette has been flaunted by the likes of Marylin Monroe in the ’50s, Naomi Campbell in the ’90s, and now by your favorite Instagram girls on your feed.

Dress: Kimberly Taylor (in other colors)

This particular dress is by an up and coming designer from New York, Kimberly Taylor. The quality of the fabric is thick and forgiving with a luxurious feel.

The straps tie at the top giving you some control on where the neckline sits. The side drawstring also gives for an adjustable, slightly asymmetrical hemline. And I just have to say, this shade of green is simply beautiful.

The slip dress is a great versatile and transitional piece that can be worn in all four seasons. Wear it by itself in the summer, throw on a leather jacket in the fall, add a turtle neck and boots for the winter, and switch out the leather jacket for a denim one during the spring. One piece, four different outfits to carry you all year round.

Let’s talk shoes (my favorite)…For a more daytime look, swap out the heels for some Converse and the outfit just went from a nighttime to a daytime look making it easy if you’re on the run all day but have plans for cocktails in the evening.

Such a versatile piece also makes for a great travel outfit to maximize that suitcase space.

Belt and bag: Chanel
Shoes: Prada

Friday I was invited by a friend to attend the Runway Houston event. That cold front I mentioned in my first post gave us our first taste of fall in Houston so I took the opportunity to pair this dress with my fav leather moto jacket by IRO. As the saying goes, a good leather jacket is a staple piece in every closet and worth the investment.

Jacket: IRO

What’s your favorite fall piece?

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