Neutral Territory

In typical Houston fashion, we got a just a taste of cooler fall temps for a couple of days but we’re back in the high 70s (and even low 80s). You can never put away your entire summer wardrobe down here but we are getting a nice break from that humidity. We’re having our best hair and makeup days right now!

With this Texas fall weather teasing a change, choosing my go to color palette, I am definitely drawn to neutrals. There is something about neutrals that are both effortless and sophisticated. A soft transition to cooler temps matches a softer transition of colors for the season. It’s also an excuse to wear the things we didn’t get the chance to wear when it was warmer. I wore this particular look for a brunch event early September, but since our temps are back up, I wanted to take the opportunity to post it.

Top: Marc by Marc Jacobs (old)
Shorts: Balmain (sold out)
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi
Bag: Chanel

There’s a vast array of neutral colors to choose from. Beige and ivory to blush and pink, and even grays, are just some of your options, so don’t be fooled into thinking a neutral look is boring.

Lele Sadoughi headband
Bracelet: Chanel

Using these Neutral pieces set up a great opportunity to show off other style elements that may have patterns, textures, or make a statement pop. Mixing neutrals with statement jewelry or bag can help keep that chic factor. This ivory Lele Sadoughi velvet and pearl headpiece was the perfect little extra something I added to this look. I’m a huge lover of pearls and this headband is the right amount of a girly look I was wanting to add to this outfit. The pearl also compliments the light pink Balmain shorts. I’m sure you’re noticing my obsession with this headband. I just love it. To finish the seamlessly, I opted for my simple pink Gianvito Rossi sandals.

Are you on board with the monochromatic neutral look? How would you style neutrals?

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