Breaking Rules: White after Labor Day

There are so many rules in life. Rules telling you how to live, how to act, how to be. Thankfully in the world of fashion, breaking rules is part of the fun. Your wardrobe is your canvas and getting to express however you feel makes your look individually yours. So many style Icons were famous for living to the beat of their own drum, living life as they saw fit and creating a style unique to their own personality.

One rule I love to ignore is the age old boring words of wisdom “no wearing white after Labor Day.” Yeah right.

The history behind this silly rule had more to do with function than it did fashion. The lighter, whiter pieces kept you cool during scorching temperatures and helped reflect off the beaming sun rays…this was clearly before tan lines were a thing. The anti-white post Labor Day campaign also was a subtle way for high society women to visibly differentiate themselves from the nouveau rich trying to break into their crowd. I find that unbearably boring.

Top: Zara (this color is out of stock but I linked the exact bodysuit in a different color)
Similar: Sequin bodysuit
Skirt: Balmain
Sunnies: Cartier (similar)

Enough with the history lesson, on to this look. I love wearing white regardless of the season. Living in Houston, TX definitely extends the time to wear summer whites well past Labor Day. Houston is hot. The sun stays out. This isn’t New York weather where we’re bundled up before heading out even through most of the winter.

But when the time comes to accept summer is indeed over, textures and fabrics are key to nailing the right white outfit in fall and winter. Sure, go ahead and put away the white linen, but I say keep the white skinny jeans, knits, and tweeds. Mixing those right textures with the right fall pieces, colors, and footwear can increase utilization of your favorite white closet staples.

Bag: Chanel
Shoes: Alaïa

Winter whites are ever so chic! Beige and ivory will be the go to whites when winter rolls around. For my look, This tweed Balmain skirt will get some use this winter with ivory boots and the right sweater. So go on, break the rules and wear your white after Labor Day!

I’d like to hear from you! Tell me how do you wear white after Labor Day?

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